Doug & Tina Jones
The perfect sweet and salty popcorn
MO Kettle Corn
All Natural  
Whole Grain Product
No preservatives
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Have us build a custom
popcorn light for you
in any combination of
fifteen colors
Third year  Recommended and approved by
St Louis County Parks
All Corporate and Private Events
Popcorn Lights
Ceiling Fixtures with 12 foot cord and on /off switch
custom built spheres
fully assembled to 10 inch, 13 inch or 17 inch
diameter. Your Light sphere is made of thirty pieces
of  identical heat resistant plastic  that looks like a
Popcorn Ball when finished.
Available in any combination of Fourteen
Doug & Tina Jones
636-219-1949     636-634-6312
or Phone call or Text your order
We specialize in
Corporation  Events
Recent Corporation Events
August 25, 2012 Completed 4,000 Guests
September 12, 2012 Completed 470 Guests
September 12, 2012 Completed 1,200 bags
September 15, 2012 Completed 500 Guests
September 24, 2012 Completed 1,200 Guests
October 03, 2012 Completed 160 bags
October 20, 2012 Completed 500 bags
October 20, 2012 Completed 100 bags
October 25, 2012 Completed 250 Guests
October 28, 2012  Completed 120 bags
October 29, 2012 Completed 100 bags
5-28-2012   Tim Ezell and Margie Ellisor  Fox 2 news
Thank You ... Fans
for our Awards and Business
Corporation Events for
Employee Appreciation and Picnics
Our references are our clients over two  hundred
companies , Charities
, Churches, Fairs & Events,
, Colleges & Universities, Radio Stations,
Cities, Museums, Weddings, and Parks
Doug & Tina Jones
Puzzle animal lites are custom made
fully assembled with light & cord
We have lights you can hang from the ceiling or
sit on your night stand , desk, or
in  your cubical